Churchill Pre-School is a charity run by a committee of elected parents/carers. The committee is responsible for reviewing both policy and practice, and for the employment and appraisal of members of staff. Together they oversee the smooth-running of the Pre-School. This can mean anything from coming-up with fundraising ideas, building new partnerships with other parents and professionals or getting exciting plans off the ground.


It is vital for Churchill Pre-School to have a committee as it is a charitable organisation and without the committee, the Pre-School would not be allowed to operate. We are always looking for new committee members and would welcome you if you can spare a few hours a month. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact one of the committee members on the email addresses provided. If you have anything you wish to bring to the committee's attention or any questions, please chat with any of its members.


Our Annual General Meeting (AGM), at which the committee for the following year is selected, is held in September and parents will be informed in good time so they are able to attend. Please consider volunteering for a role on the committee during the time your child is at Pre-School. Not only is it essential for the running of the Pre-School but it is a great way for you to become directly involved in your child's early education.


Fran Yandell - Chairman

Jenny Doherty- Secretary

Amy Ashman - Treasurer

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